Jay Ungar: Ashokan Farewell

Bog | Violin, Klaverakkompagnement

Komponist: Jay Ungar
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie
The famous melody by Jay Ungar, beautifully arranged for Violin and Piano. This tearful lament, full of squeezed grace notes and slides featured as the theme of Ken Burn's American History documentary The Civil War
ISBN: 9781844178766
Skill Level: Medium Explain this
Sideantal: 12
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 3611581

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          all of it great piece of music
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          Bekræftet køb: 06 november 2018
          Udgivet den: 04 december 2018
          10 ud af 10


          Norwich GB I love classical music.
          Music sheets were excellent and presented well.The preface was most interesting with a good historical overview written by the composer.
          Bekræftet køb: 30 januar 2014
          Udgivet den: 21 juni 2014


          I was looking for a haunting piece to form part of a medley with a Celtic feel for a mixed ability group of accordionists. Having heard this beautiful piece on a few occassions I felt that it would probably fit the bill. Having received the music I was very pleased to find that, not only does it fit the bill perfectly but it is also relatively easy to play which makes it perfect for a group of mixed ability players. A truly excellent piece of music!
          Anonym - ()
          A good clean edition of a popular piece which is always well received by audiences.
          Anonym - (INKBERROW , United Kingdom)
          I know it's been described as a bit 'twee', but I have always loved this piece of music. It was one of the pieces that made me want to learn to play the violin at 50. Even for me, I can play this piece, slowly at first, but improving. This is a straight forward arrangement and an easy to follow melody. My order arrived promptly, as always, and I would recommend using Musicroom for music supplies.
          Anonym - (Maldon, United Kingdom)
          This beautiful melody (familiar to those who ever watched the TV series on the American Civil War some years back) is an 'easy play', yet sounds fantastic, especially as you can improvise around the melodies, embellishing them without detracting from the main theme.
          Anonym - (Cascais, Portugal)
          This piece of music has became a standard piece, it is haunting and almost draws out the emotions from the depths of the heart Jay Ungars "how I play this piece" is most helpful. As is the inclusion of guitar chords
          Anonym - (CANTERBURY, United Kingdom)
          An excellent edition based on the version in the film score, and as an added bonus includes useful performance and programme notes from the composer.
          Anonym - (Norwich, United Kingdom)
          Yuk. This was bought at request of my child's violin teacher. Is teaching child how to do twiddles but horribly cheesy, ultra Victorian Music Hall style, can't think any self respecting Irish musician would perform it without throwing up.
          Anonym - (Lewes, United Kingdom)
          This is a most pleasant piece. Not too difficult to play , but very useful for bow division and quick Scottish snap wrist movement and it has just a little double stopping, again not too hard but effective. Popular amongst students and therefore a useful piece to learn after grade 5.
          Anonym - (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
          Just beautiful.
          Anonym - (Carlisle, United Kingdom)
          This is a wonderful piece of music to play and listen to. Not difficult to play and the piano accompaniment is suited to the violin admirably. A good purchase. Price reasonable.
          Anonym - (ormskirk, United Kingdom)
          The mixed emotions of the composer are fittingly reflected in both the melody and harmonies of this whistful piece making it a suitable for playing when a mood of tranquility and peace are desirable.
          Anonym - (Brixham, United Kingdom)

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