Twenty-Four Italian Songs & Arias Of The 17/18th Centuries - Medium-Low Voice (Book/Online Audio)

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Forlag: G. Schirmer
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangbog

A tremendous collection of twenty-four Italian Songs And Arias Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries, for Medium-Low Voice. It has become a standard in teaching literature, now available with accompanying online audio.

ISBN: 9780793515141
Sideantal: 100
Sprog: Engelsk, Italiensk
Katalognummer: GS81593

        Twenty-Four Italian Songs And Arias Of The 17th And 18th Centuries - Medium Low Voice (Book/CD) anmeldelser indsamlet af reevooReevoo

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        Wirral GB bass student studying for
        Good selection of songs, well printed, easy to read - with English translation alongside the original Italian. Includes on-line accompaniment (not tried yet)
        Some notes on the editing would improve the edition.
        Bekræftet køb: 06 december 2016
        Udgivet den: 15 januar 2017
        9 ud af 10


        Haute Vienne, France GB Currently singing 2nd soprano
        Large number of arias in well defined voice range therefore it's possible to attempt all if you are sure of your voice range
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        Bekræftet køb: 12 juni 2015
        Udgivet den: 28 juni 2015
        10 ud af 10


        Bristol GB
        The CD with accompaniment tracks is very useful for practice.
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        Bekræftet køb: 16 september 2014
        Udgivet den: 30 september 2014


        Twenty-Four Italian Songs And Arias du 17eme siècle Excellent produit, bon choix de morceaux, bonne impresssion des partitions d'origine, bon accompagnement au piano par John Keene.
        Anonym - (La Roquette sur Siagne, France)
        This excellent selection of Italian arias covers a range of styles and moods. The book is well-produced and clearly-printed, while the CD of piano accompaniments is a useful aid for practice.
        Anonym - (East Sussex, UK)
        Cet ensemble livre + CD est tout à fait intéressant. Je m'y suis plongé immédiatement et j'interprête déjà deux des airs qui y sont proposés : "O del mio Dolce ardor" de Gluck et "Se tu m'ami" de Pergolesi. Le CD apporte un plus conséquent pour travailler. Un produit super!!!
        Anonym - (VIGNOUX SUR BARANGEON, France)
        Wunderschöne Lieder für den Anfänger!!
        Anonym - (Germany)
        Yup, we love and loathe them - a crucial part of your library for all singers training or keeping their voice to a high standard. Covers a huge amount of classical technique but hidden in the songs. Get one- you'll need it. A very good quality edition of the classic, this is the yellow cover, large notes and clear layout. Thick-ish paper. Far better quality than the cheaper versions in lilac or blue with the b+w picture on the front cover. This will last a long time. Always get the better-quality paper and print - it will only ever 2day few pounds more, but you won't have to replace it.
        Anonym - (Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom)
        Génial, complet et le CD permet de travailler chez soi.
        Anonym - (Grenoble)
        As a singer and singing teacher, I cannot recommend this package highly enough. The playing on the CD is beautiful and well recorded. Only one track is too fast, ‘O Del Mio Dolce Ardor'. To give your voice a great workout sing all 24 arias. 67 minutes of music perfect for developing the voice.
        Peter Snipp - (Orpington Kent)
        This is a great book for singers and teachers. It's like having your own accompanist with you all the time. The CD is very easy to sing along with.
        Anonym - (Bushmills, United Kingdom)