Sheila Nelson: Flip A Rhythm 3/4 4/4


Forlag: Boosey & Hawkes
Format: Bøger | Teori

This ingenious and original book combines music tuition with a fun game that is both endearing and practical. Ideal rhythm training for a beginner, or any musician, who wants to improve or practice with 144 different rhythms. With books one and two both included in this reversible volume.

ISBN: 9790060097713
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Sideantal: 144
Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk, Tysk, Japansk
Katalognummer: M060097713

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        I love this clever design, allowing for so many rhythms being combined. It has become a staple part of ever lesson I teach.
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        Bekræftet køb: 04 juni 2018
        Udgivet den: 18 juni 2018

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        10 ud af 10


        Nuneaton GB Musician and instrumental teacher
        Goes from basic to very complex rhythms
        Bekræftet køb: 13 september 2017
        Udgivet den: 28 september 2017
        10 ud af 10


        Ealing GB
        As it's in landscape it stays on the music stand very well.

        The print is a good size.
        Bekræftet køb: 12 december 2016
        Udgivet den: 15 januar 2017


        This is brilliant for helping pupils with pulse and rhythm.
        Anonym - (Wallington, United Kingdom)
        Wicked! Hard rhythms but what an amazing idea, clapping should be part of every lesson, right from day one and this will last pupils for years
        Anonym - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
        I recently discovered this book and find it really useful for helping pupils with sightreading.
        Anonym - (Yeovil, United Kingdom)
        This book is a must-have for any educator/pedagogue in the music field. My students love this book! They are learning rhythms in a most enjoyable and fun manner. It's also a 2-in-1 book in that you can flip the book to clap out or play 3/4 rhythm. They also love the challenge of clapping rhythm duets with their teacher.There are so many permutations to the rhythms,they will never be bored!
        Anonym - (Montréal, Canada)
        This book would help musicians a whole lot more if there were an accompanying CD with the equivalent rythms played on it because then one can practice conveniently on the home instrument - whereas in its present layout a teacher is needed to go through it with the student....
        Anonym - (Bedford, United Kingdom)
        This is an excellent and fun resource for beginners wanting to gain confidence in rhythm no matter what instrument they are learning. My primary school flute pupils love it and it is really helpful in groups of 2 as they can each clap or play a different rhythm. The combinations are mind-blowing and should keep them happy for years to come!!
        Jilly - (Glossop, United Kingdom)
        This is a great resource. Pages and pages of rhythms (from a simple basic pulse through to quite complex patterns) with split pages so you can mix and match an easy line with a tricky one. Nice big print so easy to read. Great fun and kids love them. Useful for group work as well as one-to-one. Would challenge anyone teaching music to say they couldn't find a use for this book!!
        Anonym - (Maidstone, United Kingdom)
        These books are an ingenious and terrific resource for teachers of any instrument and students love them! The inventive teacher can tailor and maximise their use according to student level and need. If used regularly they are an invaluable aid in the training of students' rhythmic ability with enormous benefits for improvement of necessary sight-reading skills.
        Anonym - (Falkirk, United Kingdom)
        This is a useful set of carefully graded exercises in reading rhythm - the top half of the page is normally played by the student, and the bottom half by the teacher (but it can be split between 2 students of course). The pages are literally split in half so different rhythms can be put together. Rhythms can be played on one note, or tapped out on any surface.A useful resource for focusing on rhythm without being distracted by reading what note it is as well. The book is extremely useful for those who don't read rhythm accurately. Students usually enjoy working through it, and it is helpful for teachers to see what a student actually understands about reading written rhythm.
        Anonym - (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

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