Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll


Forlag: Bobcat Books
Format: Bøger | Historie
Parental Advisory: Explicit Contents

A bumper collection of photographs, mostly of rock and pop stars in situations where in hindsight, they would probably have preferred the cameramen to be elsewhere at the time.

It is also a collection of shots in which sex has been used to sell the artist, or their records, or both, in the days before sexism was a political issue.

Apart from the album sleeves themselves, these pictures have not been touched up or airbrushed.

Neither were the negatives consigned to the darkroom bin or locked away in safety deposit boxes.

ISBN: 9780711941311
Udgivet på: 07 september 2009
Sideantal: 192
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: BOB53042R

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