Ed Sheeran: All Of The Stars

Digitale Noder | Klaver, sang og guitar (højrehåndsmelodi)

Forlag: Music Sales
Kunstner: Ed Sheeran
Format: Digitale Noder | Enkelt ark
This All Of The Stars sheet music is an accurate representation of Ed Sheeran’s emotional acoustic ballad as featured in the soundtrack to the popular The Fault in Our Stars and The Hobbit. Having been asked to write a song to be featured over the closing credits, Sheeran wrote the song and performed all the instruments, including a violin that he’d taught himself to play.

The song is Piano-led, with emotional vocals from Sheeran reminiscing about love and loss. The chorus brings in some louder guitars and a string section, elevating the track’s emotive power that is spearheaded by Sheeran’s melodic performance. The song also features on the deluxe physical edition of his acclaimed second album Multiply. Our All Of The Stars sheet music lets you channel the hip-hop and pop wonder that is Ed Sheeran and will get your listeners all starry-eyed as you sing this uplifting piece.
Udgivet på: 15 oktober 2014
Sideantal: 5
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: smd_142956

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        Ed Sheeran: All Of The Stars
        Klaver, sang og guitar (højrehåndsmelodi)
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