Alfred's Basic Piano Library: All-In-One Course Book One

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Alfred's All-In-One Course for Piano has been especially written for teachers who are looking for an all encompassing teaching book. It includes Lesson, Theory and Solo Material, which ultimately combines all the lesson books of levels 1A and 1B of Alfred's Basic Piano Library.
ISBN: 9780739017449
Skill Level: Begynder Explain this
Udgivet på: 01 januar 1995
Sideantal: 72
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: FMS14504

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        Devon GB
        This tutor book starts off with a good foundation in rhythm and tunes that are easy to play. Within the book are theory pages which compliment the practical work. My pupils have always done well with this range of books.
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        I found this book absolutely perfect!I am a piano teacher and starting with this book with kids from age 4.They are able already play little tunes,they learn slowly music note,rhytm.I really like that theory pages when child can draw note it's very good way to remeber notation!
        Anonym - (London, United Kingdom)
        Jury's still out in my mind as to whether I agree with teaching to play by finger numbers in isolation from any notation - this starts with work on black notes using finger numbers to play simple tunes. It also moves directly to left hand bass clef notation in "low c" position, which I don't personally favour. I do, however, use some of the pieces in this book to dip into to introduce or reinforce teaching from other books for pupils who just need more material. In summary - I wouldn't use it as main tutor book, but does contain some good teaching pieces.
        Anonym - (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
        This proved to be great for a literate 7-year old with autistic spectrum disorder social communication difficulties who used it to teach themselves at their own pace. Colourful pictures and simple instructions starting from how to sit at the piano, how fingers have numbers, how the keyboard is made up, low sounds and high sounds, crotchets minims and semibreves, loud and soft, the letter names of the keys, the time signature, dotted minim, the stave, bass clef, treble clef, the grand stave, c position for both hands, legato, intervals - 2nds, ties and slurs, intervals - 3rds, and crotchet rests. A great introduction to the theory of music and the practice of piano playing for complete beginners.
        Anonym - (Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom)
        Fabulous book for young children learning the piano. I have used it with several students, who enjoy being able to play a piece of music in the first lesson, without having to read music. The book offers a good mix of theory and keeps children interested in progressing to the next book in the series.
        Anonym - (Wales)

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