Pauline Hall: Piano Time 1 (2004 Edition)

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Author: Pauline Hall
Serie: Piano Time
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole
Piano Time er en meget succesfuld serie til alle unge nybegyndere, fra den allerførste time til omkring 3. klasse. Det omfangsrige og veltilrettelagte bogsæt Piano Time - med undervisningsbøger, bøger med alle mulige slags musikstykker, duetter, og instrumentteknik - er en sjov måde at lære at spille klaver på.

Piano Time 1 Begynder helt fra bunden, med simple femfinger stykker for hænder hver for sig og sammen, mange med duetstemmer. Efterhånden bliver der tilføjet flere noder og teknikker, til at dække fortegn, simple skalaer og tonearter, og et udvalg af dynamiske og musikalske symboler. Med et godt udvalg af flotte stykker alle genrer, og en gradvis udvikling, for at passe til alle pianister, er dette en fortrinlig undervisningsbog til alle unge pianister.

ISBN: 9780193727847
Skill Level: Begynder Explain this
Udgivet på: 05 august 2004
Sideantal: 48
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 3727846

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        GB Piano teacher
        Very good tuition book for young beginners.
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        I use this book a lot with young children (from 6 to about 9 years old). The book has a good range of easy to moderate pieces with exercises to support the introduction of new notes. The children seem to enjoy it.
        Anonym - (Markington, United Kingdom)
        This is an excellent book for older children to begin playing the piano. I tend to use John Thompson's for younger children and use Piano Time for those who are a little older or have some basic knowledge to build on. It progresses a little faster and takes them a little further than John Thompson's Book One.
        Anonym - (WOLVERHAMPTON, United Kingdom)
        My child has really enjoyed starting to use this book. My older child who already plays the flute has taught himself the piano using this book too.
        Anonym - (sunderland, United Kingdom)
        A very good tutor book for fairly able pupils of primary school age. It occasionally throws in a surprisingly difficult piece which does not seem to follow on from the levels achieved so far but if you leave these out and return to them at the appropriate point this is not a problem. Quite a steep learning and playing curve towards end of book - I often use alternative material at this point and may return to choose some of the pieces later on. Overall though one of the best tutor books I have used as students progress rapidly but with a thorough grasp of theory and technique and feel a sense of achievement. Bright and humorous illustrations.
        Anonym - (Wellingborough, United Kingdom)
        This is an excellent course of study. Highly recommended!
        Anonym - (Weymouth, United Kingdom)
        My 6 year daughter thinks its fantastic very clear and easy to understand, and she can't wait to play the piano using this book
        Anonym - (Staines, United Kingdom)
        This book is very easy to understand which is excellent for the beginner. My husband (who is learning to play the piano)found it easy to follow and can now play a few tunes. He gives it 10/10.
        Anonym - (Sunderland, United Kingdom)
        Very good starter book for the older beginner with engaging pieces
        Anonym - (United Kingdom)
        Very good addition to the series and backs up Piano Time very well.
        Anonym - (Daventry, United Kingdom)
        Excellent book for beginners!
        Anonym - (Omagh, United Kingdom)
        An ideal tutor book for the older beginner, and especially suited to the more musical. Concepts are cleary introduced and is beautifully illustrated. The supplementary books (pieces) also provide a wide range of repertoire and help consolidate on the technical aspects introduced in the book.
        Anonym - ()
        I use this with junior age children predominantly - it moves alot faster than, for example, Tunes for Ten Fingers, John Thompson or Chester, so good for those who show real aptitude and read the music easily. I do use quite alot of other material to supplement teaching in the book, but nonetheless a good tutor book on which to base progression.
        Anonym - (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
        Piano time one is an excellent book, I would use it for a child of 8 years and upwards as it moves along quite quickly, it is also excellent for an adult beginner.
        Anonym - (Bedale, United Kingdom)
        This is a good book for the (child) beginner. It gives all the preparatory information and works up in a well structured manner through to playing hands together by the end. The pieces are ones that children will enjoy.
        Anonym - (Penrith, United Kingdom)
        Really good beginners book for children a little older 9+, It covers the basics well and gives plenty of pieces to practise what has been learnt.
        Anonym - (Addlestone, United Kingdom)
        An absolutely brilliant book for children. Very clear and well explained. Will not lose their interest and will feel they have achieved quite early on.
        Anonym - (Bedford, United Kingdom)
        This is a great series for revising . I had not been able to play because of ill health and badly needed revision. The Piano Time method has enabled me to revise all my previous knowledge and is helping me to get back to practising. All one needs to know, is clearly explained and illustrated. Thank you Pauline Hall. I highly recommend this series for adults and young children embarking on learning to play the piano.
        Anonym - (Clydebank, United Kingdom)
        Easily followed and interesting book for the young starter
        Anonym - (NORTH CORNELLY, United Kingdom)
        I feel a little mean giving this only 3 stars - in some ways, this book is excellent - the first one I would recommend for adults. The approach is friendly and intelligent. But it hasn't worked for my 8 year old, learning with me. She is Grade 3 violin, so the notation no problem; it's just that IMO there is not enough for young children - the tunes are mostly made up for the book or ones she doesn't know. And from the beginning you are working your left hand hard - which is great - but no instant satisfaction of playing well known nursery rhymes. So: great for older children, but not for my young one.
        Anonym - ()
        I was very happy with this book that I bought for my 7 year old daughter. It is just perfect for her to begin learning with. The delivery was fast and it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you.
        Anonym - (Hull, United Kingdom)
        A great first book for pupils of the junior age group & above.
        Anonym - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
        Excellent clear first piano book, requested by piano teacher for continuing progress on piano. Level pre prep.
        Anonym - (Guildford, United Kingdom)
        I use this book for children aged 6 and over. If they are a younger 6 then they do fun for 10 fingers prior to this and then they whizz through this book giving them confidence. I also use it for older children and adults as although its a kdis book, most adults appreciate the explanations of music theory
        Anonym - (Solihull)
        Definitely my favourite book for beginners aged about 7-10 years old. Everything is clearly explained, and the pieces progress logically pieces appeal to children in this age group. The pictures are great too!
        Anonym - ()
        As an adult learner, I found the exercises suitably challenging and educational. Was helpful to have a tutor who encouraged me to move onto the next piece after grasping the key point of each exercise. NB accompanying website only includes a small number of the tunes in the book.
        Anonym - (Ipswich, United Kingdom)
        For the older beginner this book makes some sense but for 6-9 year olds (possibly more easily baffled when practising on their own) there are better tutors (Chester or John Thompson)- this is because there are sometimes just treble or bass clefs on their own and I have found some pupils do get confused by this and will use the incorrect hand. However, the songs in the book are enjoyable and presented in a colourful way (albeit not as colourful as the above two tutors).
        Anonym - (Ipswich, United Kingdom)

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