Carl Nielsen: Symphony No.6 'Sinfonia Semplice' (Study Score)

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Kunstner: Carl Nielsen
Format: Bøger | Lommepartitur
This study score is a photographically reduced reproduction of the work as it appears in the Carl Nielsen Edition.
ISBN: 9788759811474
Udgivet på: 29 april 2004
Sideantal: 132
Sprog: Engelsk, Dansk
Katalognummer: WH30573B


        Carl Nielsen's Sixth Symphony was for many years dismissed as his weakest, or even a failure. Increasingly it is appreciated as arguably his most powerful symphonic statement. At the International Carl Nielsen Conference in Manchester in January 2009 I gave a paper on the autobiographical content of the work as a resolution of the enigma of the simplicity/ complexity and programme/ absolute music debate. The study score is an economic way to pursue further armchair research as I listen to various interpretations on CD. For some reason Symphony No 6 Study Score was supplied as Wilhelm Hansen publication WH30573B rather than one of the uniform series (blue books, perfect bound). At first I thought it was an older edition, but it is the new Collected Works. I'm at a loss to explain this but if it is a reprint I'm delighted: larger format, beautiful paper and spiral bound. The other slight disappointment was that the notes on the genesis and reception of the symphony are not copied into the Study Score but as it helpfully draws our attention the existence of the notes I won't deduct a star for one further reason: the editors of the score, Denmark's Royal Library, publish these scholarly research texts online. In conclusion, a lovely score of a great work, at a reasonable price. Nice work, Music Sales Group!!
        Anonym - (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

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