Judith Weir: Really? (Parts)

Bog | Kammerensemble, Sopran, Klarinet, Bratsch, Harpe

Forlag: Chester Music
Kunstner: Judith Weir
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie
Work for Soprano, Clarinet, Viola and Harp. Premiered at the 2002 Cambridge Summer Music Festival. These three musical presentations of stories were written to illustrate thoughts about the many ways in which music helps, and hinders, storytelling. The three short settings use a variety of vocal styles. The first story is spoken throughout; the second includes Sprechstimme (i.e. melodically heightened speech) and operatic declamation; the final piece is entirely sung. The scoring is for soprano, clarinet, viola and, in the third movement only, harp

Score available: CH65780

Udgivet på: 19 juli 2002
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: SOS15653

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      Judith Weir: Really? (Parts)
      Kammerensemble, Sopran, Klarinet, Bratsch, Harpe
      kr. 275,35