Bent Sørensen: Trotto (Parts)

Bog | Kammerensemble, Obo, Fagot, Horn, Violin, Cello

Kunstner: Bent Sørensen
Work for Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Violin and Cello. Score available: KP00197 The composer writes: 'The Quintet TROTTO was composed in the spring 1983 to the Western Jutland Chamber Ensemble, who premiered the work in June the same year. A quiet and pastoral music with calling horns and folk musical fragments of melodies are through the three movements of the piece met by a manic and stressed music among others created by mecanical sound repetitions and breathless musical oscillations. The two characters overshadow eachother and incessantly the peace is infiltrated with mania so that the resting points of the music disappear. 'Trotto' is the name of an old Italian dance, which rhythm is apparent as an enervating violin rhythm in the middle of the first movement'
ISBN: 9788759873663
Sideantal: 64
Katalognummer: KP00198

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      Bent Sørensen:  Trotto (Parts)
      Kammerensemble, Obo, Fagot, Horn, Violin, Cello
      kr. 319,00