Bent Sørensen: Mädelein (Parts)

Bog | Kammerensemble, Blæserensemble, Blæseinstrumenter

Kunstner: Bent Sørensen
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie
Programme Note
Bent Sørensen MÄDELEIN

Mädelein, for wind quintet, was composed in 1985.
In the first movement, opposing textures are severed by a desperate clarinet, culminating in a contrasting slow chorale. The 2nd movement is fast and manic, polyphonic and polydynamic.
In the last movement the horn plays a serenade whilst the other instruments echo both this and other themes from the preceding movements.

Bent Sørensen (1985)
ISBN: 9788759881057
Sideantal: 60
Længde: 11
Katalognummer: KP00257

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      Bent Sørensen: Mädelein (Parts)
      Kammerensemble, Blæserensemble, Blæseinstrumenter
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