Poul Ruders: Symphony No.1 (Score)

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Komponist: Poul Ruders
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur
The full score of Ruders' first Symphony, subtitled Himmelhoch jauchzend - zum Tode betrübt. Written for large orchestra.
ISBN: 9788759805619
Sideantal: 138
Sprog: Dansk
Katalognummer: WH30137


      This is a MONUMENTAL score. Not as hardcore a symphonist as his compatriot Nørgård but this, Ruder’s first symphony, is one of the most interesting, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and frightening symphonies you’ll ever hope to hear - second only in emotional scale to Ives' grand 4th Symphony. The score is expensive but this properly printed manuscript is a thing of beauty!! And it should be in everybody’s collection – please, Chester/Hansen, put the score on special offer so that we can hope to afford it!! The subtitle means (my semi-translation) “Rejoicing to Heaven, cast down to death” and so it should not come as a surprise that this symphony is full of extremes: the second movement is sublime, the last a dirge, the first and third manic. Don’t expect to leave this music unchanged. Ruders is a real chamelion and this incarnation is one of his most intensely fascinating.
      Mark Glover - (LONDON)

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