Per Nørgård: 'Remembering Child' - Viola Concerto No.1 (Score)

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Kunstner: Per Norgard
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur

Per Nørgård's Remembering Child - Viola Concerto No. 1  (1985-86/rev 1987) -Two movements for Viola and Chamber Orchestra..

The title refers to the original meaning of the word "remembering": Making whole. The work should not be considered as a sort of requiem for Samantha Smith - the late 13 years old fighter for nuclear disarmament - but as an evocation of the childish, creative forces in all people, young and old. Therefore the work applies thematic material of a certain "dawning" quality, including two Gregorian chants, appearing intertwined in the beginning of the 2. movement.
And therefore the work also may be considered as a tribute to the still living child-heretics, fighting against the global lunacy of grown-up, such as Eamon Burke, the Australian boy, continuing, independently, the work of Samantha.

REMEMBERING CHILD was commissioned by St. Paul Chamber Ochestra and dedicated to Pinchas Zukerman, soloist at the premiere performance ( September, 12. 1986).
Viola solo part: KP00116
Piano reduction: KP00117
ISBN: 9788759807422
Sideantal: 108
Længde: 23
Katalognummer: WH30244

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