76 Graded Studies For Flute - Book One

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Forlag: Faber Music
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie
Et bredt repertoire af studiemateriale, som dækker et bredt udsnit af basisteknik, og danner et godt grundlag for udvikling. Passende til nybegyndere, begynder med nemme sange, hvorefter sværhedsgraden stiger efterhånden som man bevæger sig igennem bogen. Der er også stykker passende til eksamensforberedelse.
ISBN: 9780571514304
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Sideantal: 30
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: FM20224


          Daughter studing for Grade 5 flute and really enjoys this book. Excellent service receiving the book quickly after ordering
          Anonym - ()
          i am using this book for my grade 3. It's really good
          Anonym - (Treharris, United Kingdom)
          A good cross-section of old and new studies building in difficulty through the book.
          Anonym - (Wirral, United Kingdom)
          Excellent! Recommended by teacher and is brilliant.
          Anonym - (Gloucester, United Kingdom)
          As always I am extremely happy with my purchase. Music room is my first choice for all our music books as are always in stock and offer good value for money.
          Anonym - (Inverurie, United Kingdom)
          I have rated this book 4 stars because it was everything i needed. The one thing that could be improved is if there were some illustrations to make the book nicer for young musicians like myself.
          Anonym - (Evesham, United Kingdom)
          I have used this book for grades 1-5 so far and found it to be very helpful: whatever technique I need to practice there is always at least one example in this book. Some of the pieces are far too nice to be exam pieces!!
          Anonym - ()
          Good standard fare for flute players, with range of styles which progress at a reasonable rate for young players
          Anonym - (Carlisle, United Kingdom)
          I am using this book for my grade 3. The book starts off for beginners with very simple tunes and it gradually gets more difficult as the book goes on towards the end. It also has some exam pieces in it.
          Anonym - ()

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