Jørgen Jersild: Tre Romantiske Korsange (SATB)

Bog | Kor

Komponist: Jorgen Jersild
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur

Jørgen Jersild’s music is always marked by a timbral refinement with a certain inspiration from Cesar Franck and a persistently seamless musical timing. His early works sit in the intersection between the Danish and French traditions, whose inspirations he later synthesized into his own personal style, as can be heard in Three Romantic Songs for Chorus, composed in 1971.

Jørgen Jersild (1913-2004) was a Danish composer and pedagogue. He studied in Paris and at the University of Copenhagen, before becoming a teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Music for over thirty years. During this time he wrote several successful textbooks on solfege and musical theory.

ISBN: 9788759859292
Sideantal: 24
Sprog: Dansk
Katalognummer: WH29739

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