Nick Johnstone: Amy, Amy, Amy - The Amy Winehouse Story (German Language Edition)


Forlag: Bosworth
Kunstner: Amy Winehouse
Author: Nick Johnstone
Format: Bøger | Biografi
Author Nick Johnstone unravels the life and career of one of Britain's most brilliant and troubled stars. Amy, Amy, Amy tracks Winehouse's erratic journey to fame from her North London Jewish family home via three schools to discovery by Simon Fuller's 19 Management Ltd. and a signing to Island Records at the age of 18. Johnstone details her meteoric rise to stardom, two albums catapulting her to the top even as her open use of alcohol and drugs was setting the scene for a personal life plagued by excess. Her well-publicised problems with anorexia, bulimia and suspected self-harm kept her in the headlines, threatening to obscure her undiminished singing talent while her Sid 'n' Nancy-style marriage to Blake Civil-Fielder ensured continued tabloid coverage.

Amy, Amy, Amy redresses the imbalance, giving full measure to Winehouse's talent while offering an honest account of her multiple personal crises in this absorbing and entertaining biography of an exceptionally gifted performer.

Includes 16 colour pages of photographs and artist discography.
German Language Editon.
ISBN: 9783865433770
Sideantal: 176
Sprog: Tysk
Katalognummer: BOE7468