Guitar Artistry Of Rory Block: Country Blues Guitar

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Katalognummer: VESTAPOL13108
Kunstner: Rory Block
Format: Audio / Video | Indspillet opførelse
In this intimate portrait, Rory Block talks about her life and music. She reminiscences about the legendary bluesmen she met and learned from as well as how her own music developed. She performs a wide variety of songs from her repertoire that show the power and elegance of her playing and singing.

Titles include: Crossroad Blues, Titanic, Stones In My Pathway, Moon's Goin' Down, Preachin' Blues, Canned Heat, Mississippi Blues, Frankie, Future Blues, County Farm Blues, If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day, Me And the Devil, From The Dust, Love and Whiskey, Spider Boy, Like A Shotgun, Silver Wings and Crossroad Blues (Take 2).
Udgivet på: 19 november 2007
Længde: 100
Sprog: Engelsk
Forlag: Vestapol

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