Teddy Wilson: In Copenhagen


Format: Audio / Video | Indspillet opførelse
Teddy Wilson is widely regarded as having been the most important pianist of the swing era. A master of touch, taste and technique Wilson was, above all, a pianist of surpassing elegance – a quality which was also very much evident in his personality.

This CD was recorded live on May 21 1979 at the Slukefter Club in Tivoli, Copenhagen and it is an impressive example of how musicians of the same aesthetic persuasion can achieve excellent compatibility with hardly any preparation or rehearsal time.

Throughout the CD Wilson gets great support from, and gives generous solo space to, Hugo Rasmussen (bass) who has worked with a host of top American jazzmen over the years and Ed Thigpen (drums) who settled in Copenhagen in 1972 having built an international reputation.
Udgivet på: 06 april 2013
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: STV1018516

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