William Defesch: Minuet For Violin And Piano

Bog | Violin, Klaverakkompagnement

Forlag: Bosworth
Kunstner: Willem De Fesch
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Minuet (Minuetto) was written by William Defesch (Willem de Fesch; 1687-1761), a Dutch composer and conductor who spent most of his career in London. It has been for solo violin with Piano accompaniment by Alfred Moffat. It is a relatively simple piece that would suit any recital.

Alfred Edward Moffat (1863-1950) was a Scottish musicologist, composer and music editor. Having studied in Berlin, he devoted his life to editing and republishing lost works for the Violin by British composers.

ISBN: 9790201614960
Skill Level: Medium Explain this
Udgivet på: 05 marts 1998
Katalognummer: BOE004599

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        William Defesch: Minuet For Violin And Piano
        Violin, Klaverakkompagnement
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