Werner Hauck: Das Vibrato Auf Der Violine

Bog | Violin

Forlag: Bosworth
Author: Werner Hauck
Format: Bøger | Spilleøvelser
A comprehensive and scientific guide to developing and employing Vibrato in your Violin playing. Werner Hauck analyses many different Vibrato techniques that achieve a variety of lyrical and 'human' qualities to illuminate melodies, including a close look at some of the prominant Vibrato methods of the past and a detailed guide to the origins of Vibrato in the human singing voice. He examines many contasting musical examples, giving guidance upon exactly how to articulate an effective Vibrato that is appropriate in capturing and expressing the inner character of the music.
ISBN: 9783920127101
Sideantal: 116
Sprog: Tysk
Katalognummer: BOE3501

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