James Rae: Jazz Zone (Saxophone)

Bog og CD | Altsaxofon, Saxofon, Tenorsaxofon

Komponist: James Rae
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

In writing this book James Rae has drawn upon his extensive performing and teaching experience and presents, in an accessible and straightforward manner, a way in to the somewhat daunting area for the aspiring jazz musician - that of improvisation. Using the CD, the player will feel immediately supported and in the right harmonic and stylistic environment for taking those first steps. Musical examples with the rhythm section backing of professional jazz musicians will help steer the player into the more liberated world of improvisation.

ISBN: 9783702432140
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Sideantal: 22
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: UE21394

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          Oxford GB Retired grade one saxophonist
          I haven't had the item long and have only used the first piece of music but it is proving useful to my musical development. Hopefully the rest of the book will continue to do so.
          The accompanying CD doesn't play.
          Bekræftet køb: 11 februar 2015
          Udgivet den: 26 februar 2015
          10 ud af 10


          Alyth GB
          Comprehensive and understandable information on what each section is trying to achieve.
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          Bekræftet køb: 09 februar 2015
          Udgivet den: 24 februar 2015


          This is really good for use as a teaching aid. The tunes are easy to read (the beginning ones anyway) which is encouraging for pupils not confident with notation, and the restrictions on how many notes to use in the improvisation bits forces a concentration on rhythm instead of random note running. The backing tracks are much clearer & easier to follow than Jamey Aebersold which is again much more accessible for beginners. And as always with James Rae, the tunes are decent. Highly recommended!
          Anonym - (London, United Kingdom)
          Learning improvisation made easier. It tackles things that might not be natural for some, i.e. rhythm. Worth buying.
          Anonym - (Helston, United Kingdom)
          Excellent service. I ordered some music a few days before Christmas, and in spite of problems people were having with internet orders with the snow and Christmas orders, it arrived 2 days later.
          Anonym - (Chelmsford, United Kingdom)
          A good mixture of titles for new improvisers.
          Anonym - (Helston, United Kingdom)
          My son is very pleased with it and enjoying the musics.
          Anonym - (London, United Kingdom)
          By far the best book I've seen yet to introduce the concept of Jazz improvisation. Out of the 4 main books on the Trinity Guildhall Jazz syllabus this is definitely the most accessible at the early grades. Instead of just starting with - "learn all these scales", it starts with attractive rhythmic improvisations with a great backing CD. Each tune is presented as a lead sheet to get the pupil into the groove and there is then space at the end of each track to improvise to the same chord sequence. The explanations are excellent and clearly the product of years of experience in teaching improvisation. After rhythmic improvisation the various modes and scales are introduced gradually with tunes to demonstrate each one. Tunes from this book feature in every Grade from 1-5 on the Trinity Guildhall syllabus and so this book will be your pupil's best friend for years. It's also a great book for classical students who are looking to move into the world of jazz. Thoroughly recommended.
          Anonym - (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

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