Die Kunst Des Musik-Downloads


Forlag: Bosworth
Author: Steve Levine
Format: Bøger | Opslagsbog
A complete German-language guide to the growing phenomenon of internet-based music distribution and the art of downloading, with details of the programs, products and websites and what they can do for you.

Using clear terms and concise language, Steve Levine's book is a one-stop resource for everybody interested in this new and exciting technology. Developing from the file-sharing culture of the internet, downloading music has become one of the biggest methods of distribution of the modern music industry, but what is it, and how does it all work? Written by an expert in the field, this comprehensive guide explains the basics, walks you through the essentials like iPOD and iTUNES, and will help you make informed choices when purchasing new music online.
  • How does downloading work?
  • What does iTUNES offer that other services don't?
  • What kind of sound quality should I expect?
  • How do I record my downloads onto CD?
  • How much music can I fit on my iPOD?
  • How can downloading enhance my own music productions?
ISBN: 9783865432018
Udgivet på: 16 august 2006
Sideantal: 352
Sprog: Tysk
Katalognummer: BOE7329

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