Sir Henry Bishop: Lo! Hear The Gentle Lark (Voice/Piano)

Bog | Sopran, Fløjte, Klaverakkompagnement

Forlag: Edwin Ashdown
Komponist: Henry Bishop
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangalbum
Lo! Here the Gentle Lark is a Coloratura aria with virtuoso Flute and Piano accompaniment whose flourishes, cadenzas, trills and Vocalise passages create much musical excitement. A high duet between Flute and Soprano near the end is particularly flamboyant and thrilling. Henry R. Bishop was a composer active throughout the early 19th century, writing operas – though in the old style that was more akin to today’s musical theatre than to through-sung Continental opera – as well as many songs for theatrical performances and reworkings of other composers’ creations.One of Britain’s most famous composers of his time, he was the first musician ever to be knighted – by Queen Victoria in 1842 – and has since fallen, mostly, into obscurity.
Skill Level: Medium-øvet Explain this
Sideantal: 8
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: EA12438

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      Sir Henry Bishop: Lo! Hear The Gentle Lark (Voice/Piano)
      Sopran, Fløjte, Klaverakkompagnement
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