Anton Arensky: Slumber Song

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Forlag: Bosworth
Kunstner: Anton Arensky
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangalbum

Slumber Song is an Art Song by the Russian composer Anton Arensky. It is scored for SSAA Upper Voice Chorus, with a Piano reduction provided for rehearsal purposes. It has been translated into English by the composer Frederick Corder (1852-1932).

Anton Arensky (1861-1906) was a Russian composer, pianist and pedagogue. He studied composition at the St Petersburg Conservatory with Rimsky-Korsakov, before becoming a Professor at the Moscow Conservatory and later director of the Imperial Choir. His musical style was initially dismissed as being unoriginal and heavily reliant on Tchaikovsky, but has recently been re-evaluated and his chamber music is now experiencing a revival.

Udgivet på: 21 april 1998
Sideantal: 8
Katalognummer: MPS000047

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        Anton Arensky: Slumber Song
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