Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course: Book 1

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Forlag: Belwin
Author: Michael Aaron
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole
The Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course is a version of the renowned series that has been updated and revised for the older beginner, featuring original pieces and pianistic arrangements of interesting and familiar music.

If you're an adult who had some rudimentary Piano or musical lessons in your youth and are only now deciding to get back into it, or perhaps you have never had any musical education, then the Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course Book 1 is for you. As wishing you had learned an instrument is such a common regret, it is never too late to pick up such a wonderfully rewarding instrument as the Piano.

This course was created in order to fulfil the desire of many adults to learn the Piano, but without the immaturity that comes as a standard with so many other beginning Piano courses around. Everything is clearly laid out and ordered in a logical fashion, while the essential information for any musician is set out from the beginning. Without being condescending, the Adult Piano Course allows you to move at your own pace, with the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and enjoyable practical application.

For a great Piano tutor series that doesn't patronise or go too slowly, then the Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course is the perfect way to get into this brilliant instrument. Book 1 will set you well on your first step towards becoming a fully-fledged pianist. 
ISBN: 9780769235967
Skill Level: Begynder Explain this
Sideantal: 64
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: IMP50011

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        Cornwall GB
        Bought this for my 16 yr old grandson..he loves to tinker around the piano. This is an excellent book...easy to understand and achieve positive results very quickly. His Mother had the 70's version of this tutor when she was 6..this is the adult version of course and looking at the pieces at the end of the book, the possibilities with it are excellent, a very good buy.
        Nothing bad
        Bekræftet køb: 04 oktober 2017
        Udgivet den: 19 oktober 2017
        10 ud af 10


        Good approach fo adults
        Ingen kommentarer
        Bekræftet køb: 16 februar 2016
        Udgivet den: 01 marts 2016
        8 ud af 10


        Retford GB I have been teaching
        Music notation is clearly written. The method appeals to older pupils
        Some of the music is quite dated now.
        Bekræftet køb: 02 november 2015
        Udgivet den: 17 november 2015


        Having just started to learn the piano again, not having played since a child, I found this book very helpful.
        Anonym - (Norwich, United Kingdom)
        I have returned to playing the piano after some 15 years. I am now starting book five of this series and I can thoroughly recommend this course particularly to adult or older beginners. The pieces are interesting and enjoyable, and the pace at which you learn is entirely up to you. You might be advised to find a teacher who uses this series as the books do become very advanced in the later stages.
        nic smith - (uk)
        Brilliant for the adult beginner, keeps you interested and helps develop your skills excellently.
        Chris - ()
        This is an excellent starter book for the slightly older beginner (teenager). There is a good mix of technical exercises and short performance pieces.
        Anonym - (Urmston, United Kingdom)
        Too many finger numbers as distracts from reading the notes! Some good "tunes" though.
        Anonym - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
        good product, speedily delivered
        Anonym - (Whitstable, United Kingdom)
        This book was recommended by my Piano teacher and is good for adult learners.
        Anonym - (Manchester, United Kingdom)
        Un bon point de départ pour quiconque n'a jamais touché à un piano. Les partitions proposées deviennent cependant assez vite ennuyeuses, j'ai vite senti le besoin de passer à autre chose.
        Anonym - ()
        I have been using this book for 14 years as part of my piano teaching at a secondary school. It goes from absolute beginners to grade 2 level at which point students take the grade 2 exam. Secondary school students like the idea of using an adult book.
        Anonym - (Peterborough, United Kingdom)
        An absolutely excellent teaching aid. I am not a professional teacher but am teaching a middle-aged adult and appreciate the thorough coverage of required knowledge from the very beginning. Nothing is missed out and everything is clearly laid out and easy to understand. Highly recommended.
        Anonym - (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
        Bien pour les adultes mais pas pour les enfants : elle avance un peu vite et exige une capacité de compréhension pas toujours évidente, même pour des adultes, des mécanismes musicaux.
        Anonym - (Viuz La Chiesaz, France)
        This book was recommended by my tutor as a good learning aid for the complete beginner. It has some very good exercises to learn hand coordination.
        Anonym - (Oldham, United Kingdom)

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