Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband: Hamburg 1970-71 - A Tribute To Finn Otto Hansen


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62 minutes of traditional jazz, swing, blues and ragtime by one most popular jazzbands in Europe, even today! Recorded between the years of 1970-71, this is the first time these German radio broadcasts by Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband have been made available. Fin Otto Hansen is one of Denmark’s finest trumpet players and the instruments combine to make some seriously stylish dynamic and laid back music.

With a stunning line-up of musicians that includes:
  • Arne ‘Blue’ Jensen – Trombone
  • Finn Otto Hansen – Trumpet
  • Jorgen Svare – Clarinet
  • Jorn ‘Jonne’ Jensen – Piano
  • Bjarne ‘Liller’ Petersen – Banjo and Vocal
  • Jens Solund - Bass
  • Knud Ryskov Madsen – Drums
  • John Mogensen - Vocal

  • At the time of recording, the band was some 15 years old and they were famous throughout Europe. There is a terrific energy and enthusiasm to the band in these recordings and it is not difficult to see why, more than thirty years later, Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband is still one of the most popular trad Jazz bands in Europe- they swing like mad!
    Udgivet på: 09 april 2013
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