Jacques Ibert: Histoires (Clarinet & Piano) (Deplus)

Bog | Klarinet, Klaverakkompagnement

Forlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Jacques Ibert
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) studied at the Paris Conservatoire before embarking upon a successful composing career. Histoires increased his popularity when it was published in the mid-1920s and Guy Deplus (b. 1924), a prominent French clarinetist, arranged the compilation for Clarinet and Piano in 2004 to great acclaim.

Histoires for Clarinet and Piano is made up of six movements; 1) The Leader of the Gold Turtles, 2) The Little White Donkey, 3) In the Sad House, 4) The Crystal Cage, 5) The Market of Fresh Water, and 6) The Procession of Balkis. Containing a variety of musical aspects and techniques, Deplus' arrangement for Clarinet and Piano of Ibert's Histoires is an exciting addition to the Clarinet's repertoire.

ISBN: 9790046295522
Længde: 20
Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk
Katalognummer: AL29552

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      Jacques Ibert: Histoires (Clarinet & Piano) (Deplus)
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