Billy Bennett: First Budget Of Burlesque Monologues

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Forlag: Novello
Kunstner: Billy Bennett
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Billy Bennett (1887-1942) was a British comedian who specialised in comic monologues. He was born into the music hall industry and, after a decorated spell in the Army during the First World War, he began his own successful stage career in 1919. Often billed as Almost a Gentleman, he shot to fame at the 1926 Royal Command Performance (now the Royal Variety Shows), and remained a popular public figure for over a decade.

The First Budget Of Burlesque Monologues is the first volume of the collected monologues that were written, performed, and broadcast by Billy Bennett during the 1920s and 1930s.

Udgivet på: 21 maj 1998
Katalognummer: NOV950172

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