The Easy Keyboard Library: Queen

Bog | Keyboard

Forlag: Faber Music
Kunstner: Queen
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangbog
A fantastic volume containing fifteen classic Queen songs all arranged for easy keyboard. Part of the Easy Keyboard Library, each song features a melody line, vocals, chord displays, suggested registrations and rhythm settings and in simplified but enjoyable arrangements. Song include: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Show Must Go On, We Are The Champions and I Want To Break Free.
ISBN: 9780571528806
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Udgivet på: 22 juli 2002
Sideantal: 32
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 0571528805


        This music book is ideal. It has 15 of Queen's best songs each laid out on two pages, so there is no need to keep page flipping. The melody line has clear notation and the chords are clearly written over the top. If you aren't sure what B-flat looks like on the keyboard, it is written for you, along with all the other chords in the song. It's A Kind of Magic! Great book.
        Anonym - (Wellington, United Kingdom)
        Bought for my 10 year old son who was jaded with exam pieces (grade 2) he is now playing daily for relaxation and pleasure. He studies songs on his own and is thoroughly enjoying the keyboard again. A great great buy.
        Anonym - (Shropshire, United Kingdom)
        Another Great Book!
        Anonym - (Irvine, United Kingdom)
        Brilliant Book. Ideal for my style of play. And also no turnover problems. I like them very much. Customer service as good as ever. Well done.
        Anonym - (St. Neots, United Kingdom)
        This series of books from “Easy Keyboard Library” are all well arranged to an easy skill level and is great fun to play.
        Anonym - (Bristol, United Kingdom)
        Found to be an easy to follow method as I have not played piano/ keyboard for many years. The selection is a good choice for me. Making it this easy to play has encouraged me to play more often.
        Anonym - (Hartlepool, United Kingdom)
        Great selection of Queen favourites, the layout is clear and will appeal to all musicains. This collection is suitable for classroom playing (for assessment purposes)and playing for pleasure. The chords mean that guitarists can read from same music and this is good value for money too.
        Anonym - (Northern Scotland)
        Good choice of songs and the right hand score is easy but chord names only are given for the left hand, with the fingering for the chords shown at the end of the song, ie there is no bass clef stave. Also, only the words for the first verse are shown for most songs.
        Anonym - (Nr Ashbourne, United Kingdom)
        Die Stücke sind leicht spielbar, für Anfänger durchaus geeignet.
        Anonym - (Witten-Ruhr, Germany)

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