Marcel Mule: 53 Etudes Vol.2 - D'Apres Boehm, Terschak, Fürstenau (Nos.19-35)

Bog | Saxofon

Forlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Marcel Mule
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Part of the method for all Saxophones by Marcel Mule, this second volume of Fifty-Three Studies After Bohem, Terschak, Fürstenau features the studies 19 to 35. Written for upper intermediate players, this book will help the players to maintain the acquired technique and develop even more their flexibility.

This series of three books is a must-have to prepare the upper intermediate players for the change of cycle.

Marcel Mule (1901-2001) is one of the greatest French saxophonists, renowned worldwide for his work on the classical Saxophone repertoire. He was teaching his students how to obtain a good quality of sound and believed it was dependent on embouchure, the emission, the mastery of vibrato and thus, of breathing. He wrote different methods that focus on technique, articulation and tone productions such as 'Dix-huit Exercices ou Études', 'Exercices Journaliers d’après Terschack' or '30 Grands Exercices ou Études d’après Soussmann' (in two books), among others.

ISBN: 9790046204425
Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk
Katalognummer: AL20442