Jean-Baptiste Arban:Célèbre Méthode Complète Vol.1

Bog | Trompet, Kornet

Forlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Jean-Baptiste Arban
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Célèbre Méthode Complète de Trumpet, Valved Cornet and Saxhorn has assisted many generations of Trumpet and Cornet players. The compilation by French cornetist, conductor and composer, Jean-Baptiste Arban (1825-1889) successfully addresses requirements of modern technique and contemporary musical writing.

Arban studied at the Paris Conservatoire and led a prosperous career as a versatile and accomplished musician. Célèbre Méthode Complète for Trumpet, Valved Cornet and Saxhorn is divided into three parts, which incorporate a vast variety of musical elements. Part 1 includes performance directions, holding the instrument, tuning slides, sound, long notes, staccato, transposition, syncopation, martellato, legato, arpeggios, mutes, extended techniques and vibrato. Containing a large amount of instruction in French, English, German and Spanish, Arban's Célèbre Méthode Complète de Trumpet, Valved Cornet and Saxhorn is not to be missed by any aspiring brass player.

ISBN: 9790046209604
Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk, Tysk, Spansk
Katalognummer: AL20960

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