Paul Jeanjean: Prélude Et Scherzo (Bassoon/Piano)

Bog | Fagot, Klaverakkompagnement

Forlag: Alphonse Leduc
Komponist: Paul Jeanjean
Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

French composer, Paul Jeanjean (1874-1928) was known primarily for his Clarinet compositions, however, he also composed significantly for other wind instruments. His Prelude Et Scherzo for Bassoon and Piano remains prominent in the repertoire.

As a noted teacher and composer, the Paris Conservatoire often called upon Jeanjean to provide music for their own use. Prelude Et Scherzo was composed to be used as a competition and audition piece at the institution. The Prelude is in 6/8 meter and lyrical, contrasted by the fast, staccato Scherzo. For all advanced bassoonists, Jeanjean's Prelude Et Scherzo is a challenging, yet exciting addition to the repertoire.

ISBN: 9790046247040
Sprog: Engelsk, Fransk
Katalognummer: AL24704

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        Paul Jeanjean: Prélude Et Scherzo (Bassoon/Piano)
        Fagot, Klaverakkompagnement
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