Segui: Teoria Musical Vol. 2


Kunstner: Salvador Segui
Format: Bøger | Teori

Salvador Segui Perez (1939-2004) was a Spanish musician, academic and composer, who studied in Spain, Italy and France. For many years he was the professor of music theory, and later director, at the Valencia conservatory.

Teoria Musical - Volume 2 is suitable for any musician of grade 4 or 5 standard, and covers all aspects of musical theory, including the following: musical syntax, acoustic theory, sound production, instrumental families and ensembles, keys and scales (including tetrachords and modulations), intervals, enharmonics, and more! There are also sections on various eras of musical history, from ancient Greece and the Gregorian chants of the Middle Ages, to modern atonal music and electronic music. A comprehensive volume, this book is ideal for any inquisitive music student.

ISBN: 9780711952287
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: UMT22288

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