Astrea: Violin String Set

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Forlag: Astrea
Astrea 4/4 2430. Full set of inexpensive full size violin strings.
Udgivet på: 14 marts 2000
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: FC635

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        I have to start by saying these strings are perfect for the beginner, they offer the flexibility that new students need with very bright and clear tone. i would not recommend these for the advanced or intermediate players as there are better strings suited for their instruments but as a beginner they are perfect, after getting through three sets myself i have now moved on to a better and more costly set. i would not have not got through my grade 1 and two without these handy little friends. they do not offer the best tonal quality out there but for the price what more could you ask for?
        Anonym - (Derby, United Kingdom)

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        Astrea: Violin String Set
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