Aural Training In Practice Book 1 Grades 1-3 (2CDs Only)

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Format: Bøger | Auditiv
ISBN: 9781860960000
Udgivet på: 25 april 2000
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: D0006


      This is a 2 CD set covering aural tests for grades 1, 2 and 3. For each test there is a track explaining a bit about the test perhaps with some examples and then a track with the practise tests themselves. The answers are not given on the CD. You must buy the accompanying book to understand what has been played and therefore what the answer should be. Otherwise this is good preparation for the aural tests.
      Anonym - (Warwick, United Kingdom)
      My 9 year old daughter was preparing for her Grade 1 Piano. The aural test was something completely new for her and as I don't play piano this CD was invaluable to let her have some practice and be more prepared for the exam as teachers have to cover so much in a short lesson time that it's just not possible to spend the time on aural tests alone. The CD covers Grades 1-3 so the initial cost is well worth it.
      Anonym - (Motherwell, United Kingdom)
      Brilliant CD for helping pupils through exam work. Excellent for lending to them to do some homework between lessons! Goes with the book of the same name - great descriptions of exam requirements with examples, before seperate test tracks. Highly recommended.
      Anonym - (Breakish, United Kingdom)
      I need these as tools for the ABRSM exams. It is good for students to borrow disc to do work at home between lessons.
      Anonym - (Weymouth, United Kingdom)

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