Eminem: 'Talking' - 2005 Updated Edition


Forlag: Omnibus Press
Kunstner: Eminem
Author: Chuck Weiner
Serie: Talking
Format: Bøger | Biografi
Eminem. Marshall Mathers. Slim Shady. Whatever name you know this Rap Superstar by, he’s sure to evoke some kind of reaction. His outspoken style, voiced through his alter egos, has won him friends, many enemies... and several awards!

In this uncompromising, entertaining and enlightening book Marshall Mathers has his own say, covering topics from his up bringing and the early years, marriage, his aliases and characters and his chart success.

This is an exclusive collection of quotes, quips and comments- some confirming his anger and on stage personas, others revealing a softer, more personal side. Frequently interspersed with photographs and contains some explicit text. A truly riveting read for all Eminem and Rap fans!

Now fully updated for 2005!
ISBN: 9781846090165
Udgivet på: 28 september 2005
Sideantal: 160
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: OP51106

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