Carl Nielsen: Symphony No.4 'The Inextinguishable' Op.29 (Full Score)

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Komponist: Carl Nielsen
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This is the full score for Carl Nielsen's Symphony No. 4, The Inextinguishable, the composer's most popular and most frequently recorded and performed work.

Although Carl Nielsen's Symphony No. 4 was completed in 1916 and although it prominently features a thundering duel between timpani, the composer did not write this work in response to World War I. Instead, it is a noisy, energetic, thrusting paean to the inextinguishability of life itself. And as music, like life in this instance, is inextinguishable, the four intricately interlinked movements are played without a break. In this work can be heard the influences of Brahms, Dvorak, Sibelius and others, all transformed by Nielsen's creative spirit. The symphony ends in grand Romantic style with a triumphant finale wherein the jagged two-note and three-note themes of the beginning are conquered by the songlike theme of the third movement.

CN00013A is the parts to accompany this full score.

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