Short Romantic Pieces For Piano Book 1

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Format: Nodehæfter | Studie

Short Romantic Pieces for piano edited by Lionel Salter. The pieces included in this collection are suitable for pianists of grade 1-2 standard.

ISBN: 9781854722997
Skill Level: Let Explain this
Sideantal: 52
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: D2999

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        Really nice selection increasing in difficulty through the book. Pupils are pleased by quick results and attractive, playable pieces. Also good as sight-reading resource for higher grades!
        Anonym - (Wirral, United Kingdom)
        Good book, some nice pieces for beginners
        Anonym - ()
        I bought this volume for my youngest granddaughter who is studying the piano under the guidance of an RAM teacher. I understand that her tutor fully approves of all the music that I have been buying from you.
        Anonym - (Swindon, United Kingdom)

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