Jake Thackray: Song Album Volume 1

Bog | Stemme, Guitar

Forlag: Noel Gay
Kunstner: Jake Thackray
Format: Nodehæfter | Sangbog
An album of songs including Lah-Di-Dah and The Last Will And Testament Of Jake Thackray, arranged for guitar and voice.
Udgivet på: 11 maj 2001
Sideantal: 28
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: NGA222409


        Given that this is the only way of getting printed Jake Thackray music, I would have been grateful for anything! As it happens this is an acceptable quality photocopy of the melody and (some obscure) guitar chords of a good range of popular Jake songs. The chord names is all you get, though and so playing the songs requires listening to the tracks on vinyl and working out how they fit in! Some are fairly easy to get but most require frighteningly quick chord changes between jazzy chords, with or without fingerstyle patterns. As I said, any material is scarce, but don't expect instant results!
        Phil Neal - (Edinburgh, Scotland)
        This book contains the melodies of Jake's songs in the form of musical notation. There is no tab!!! So it requires the abilty to read the musical stave. There are no chord diagrams either and some chords are weird sounding to say the least -what is C sharp M sus4? The tunes seem accurate but dont think you you will be able to play authentic Jake Thackray - there seems to a lot of the songs missing - the introductions and instrumental passges.
        Anonym - (London, United Kingdom)
        An excellent selection of Jake's songs. Nicely laid out and playable with pictures that reflect his lugubrious but hilarious personality! He was right - he does 'look peculiar' !!
        Anonym - (Dronfield, United Kingdom)

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        Jake Thackray: Song Album Volume 1
        Stemme, Guitar
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