Alan Bullard: Sixty For Sax

Bog | Saxofon, Altsaxofon, Tenorsaxofon

Komponist: Alan Bullard
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

Sixty For Sax is an unmissible collection of studies that cover the full range of musical styles with challenges for players of all abilities.

Discover the versatility of your Saxophone - this progressive set of sixty studies varies from the sad, sorrowful and bluesy to jumping Jazz and elegant Classical tunes. Each study is designed to address a particular Saxophone technique, from legato slurs to stuttering staccatos, and each study is written in a characterful style that reflects the style of playing.
The studies are intended to provide a systematic coverage of different aspects of technique, from Grades 1 all the way up to 8, and all are directly applicable to the playing standards required for the ABRSM examination program for both Tenor and Alto Saxophones.

ISBN: 9781860965371
Skill Level: Medium Explain this
Udgivet på: 18 august 2005
Sideantal: 48
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: 1860965377

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          Clearly set out and easy to follow.
          Perhaps it might be better to have a few more easy pieces, as the difficulty ramps up quite quickly!
          Bekræftet køb: 09 september 2015
          Udgivet den: 25 september 2015
          10 ud af 10


          Aylesbury GB
          all pieces fun to play
          No don't think so
          Bekræftet køb: 03 marts 2015
          Udgivet den: 17 marts 2015
          10 ud af 10


          fishguard GB music teacher
          Fun pieces
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          Bekræftet køb: 20 december 2013
          Udgivet den: 21 juni 2014


          An invaluable book for all types of students. Has excellent exam material and also playable just for fun. In fact I lost my original copy and bought a second as I cant do without it!!
          Anonym - (Cliffe Rochester, United Kingdom)
          This is a great book full of fun pieces to play. The many styles covered in this book really are great fun to play and my students have as much fun preparing them as any other piece. The titles are descriptive for example sad sax, funky sax and ragtime sax and give a great sense of the mood the title suggests. (The Flute version is similar). This is a good book and is good value. You will not regret the purchase.
          Anonym - (Basingstoke, United Kingdom)
          Brilliant! About to do my gr.5 exam and taking pieces out of it.. I took one for my gr.3 (and got full marks!) A range for everyone, starts of very simply. A book to play from for life!
          Anonym - ()
          Great range of pieces for a beginner. Although I do play other instruments and sing so have a good understanding of written music, I am new to the Alto Sax so it is great that there is a variety within this book to help build technique and good sound.
          Anonym - (Isle of Man, United Kingdom)
          I had to buy this book for my Alto Saxophone exam but this I quite handy now as I can use this book for grades 1-5 there are also some nice little pieces to play just for fun.
          Anonym - (Willenhall, United Kingdom)
          This is an absolute must for any budding saxophonist! There are pieces for all the ABRSM grades 1-8 and plenty more material that you can use for repertoire or sight reading practice. Each study has its own individual style and will help develop a whole range of technical points. Brilliant!
          Anonym - (Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom)
          I think that this book is very suitable for beginners all the way up people who have been playing for a long time as there is a variety of music for everyone to choose from. The pieces are all very different and intersting and I look forward to playing all the pieces in the book.
          Anonym - (Solihull, United Kingdom)
          Great book, covers all grades. Perfect for trying something a little bit harder!
          Anonym - ()
          This is what my sax teacher suggested i buy for my grade 4 exam. I'ts great and got here really quickly.
          Anonym - (Barnstaple, United Kingdom)

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