Hans Abrahamsen: Siciliano (Cello Solo)

Bog | Cello

Komponist: Hans Abrahamsen
Siciliano for Cello solo by Hans Abrahamsen (2000).
Siciliano can be played as a piece by itself, but it can also be played together with the cello pieces Hymn and Storm and Still as Sonate for cello solo. Then it should be like this in the programme:

Sonate for cello solo (1988-2000)
I. Hymn (=WH30250)
II. Storm and Still (WH30241)
III. Siciliano

Commissioned by and dedicated to Morten Zeuthen.
ISBN: 9788759866504
Sideantal: 12
Sprog: Dansk
Katalognummer: KP01050

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