Per Nørgård: Zigzag (Stemmer)

Bog | Slagtøj

Komponist: Per Norgard
Format: Nodehæfter | Stemmer
Programme Note Zigzag – percussion sextet (1981)ZIGZAG (1981, earlier entitled just SEXTET) is the second of my three percussion sextets (the other being RONDO (1964) and SQUARE AND ROUND (TWO DANCES) (1986)). ZIGZAG derives its characteristic rhythmic impulse from the establishing of simple metres (for instance four-bar patterns) that are abruptly cut off before completion, only to start over again immediately. This creates a sort of "cubistic" rhythmic effect, present also in my ISTERNIA (1979) for marimba solo and SONORA (1981) for flute and harp.Several percussion ensembles have performed SQUARE AND ROUND together with ZIGZAG, the latter played attacca as a third movement. I find the result of this combination convincing and satisfactory and I recommend it in performance – with the title”Square, Round and Zigzag – 3 pieces for percussion sextet” (1981/86).However, SQUARE AND ROUND as well as ZIGZAG may still be played separately.Per Nørgård
ISBN: 9788759879269
Udgivet på: 01 januar 1981
Længde: 7
Sprog: Dansk
Katalognummer: KP00290

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