Igor Stravinsky: Ragtime For Eleven Instruments

Bog | Kammerensemble

Forlag: Chester Music
Komponist: Igor Stravinsky
Format: Bøger | Lommepartitur
Ragtime is a piece that grew directly out of the 'Ragtime' section of A Soilder's Tale. It is scored for a small chamber orchestra of eleven instruments: flute, clarinet, two horns, trombone, big drum, snare drum, side drum, cymbals, cimbalom, first and second violin, viola and double bass. The cimbalom assumes a prominent, almost soloistic role, as Stravinsky only became aware of it in 1915, and sought to use it whenever possible there after.
ISBN: 9780711922433
Sideantal: 32
Katalognummer: CH56028

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