Judith Weir: Musicians Wrestle Everywhere (Study Score)

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Forlag: Chester Music
Kunstner: Judith Weir
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur
Musicians Wrestle Everywhereis a concerto scored for ten instruments Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Horn, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Cello and Bass. The piece is a continuous thirteen minute movement with influence coming from the composer's experiences whilst walking around South-East London in an urban street environment.

Sounds that influenced the piece include wind turbulence, rain showers, birds, wind chimes and traffic noise. Work commissioned by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, first performance was given at the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham on 5 March 1995.

Sideantal: 94
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: CT56074

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