Bastien Piano For Adults: Book 1

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Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole
A piano course for adult beginners. Learn about rhythms, notes, theory, technique, sight reading and much more. Book only.
ISBN: 9780849773020
Skill Level: Begynder Explain this
Udgivet på: 08 august 2000
Sideantal: 160
Sprog: Engelsk
Katalognummer: KJ16073

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        As I haven't played a piano since my teens, I found this book very helpful in easing me back into playing again. The clear, helpful tips, and notes served to remind me of long-forgotten (or never-really-learnt!)lessons I had many years ago. I feel my playing has improved from using this book in conjunction with other easier to play books and look forward to taking up part 2. The way the book is written does not treat the learner as an idiot, is easy to follow and moves at a fair pace, so the pupil doesn't get bored by playing the same repetitive things, although now and again it will throw an earlier lesson up at you in a later chapter! I feel this book was money well spent!
        Anonym - (Ross-On-Wye, United Kingdom)
        With my only experience of music being a few years of recorder in Primary School 30 odd years ago, this book has been brilliant. I am up to page 40, and am delighted with my progress, having wanted to play piano for most of my life.
        Anonym - (Chippenham, United Kingdom)
        A great tuition book for beginners or those returning to piano having not taken to it previously. Each chapter is well laid-out with new material in a logical way. The book is keen on I, V7 and IV chords in different keys - quite difficult to explain fully to those new to music, but once they have grasped it they enjoy harmonising tunes. Scales are covered later, which is the same for other tuition books I have used. The book contains a very good variety of progressive pieces to appeal to all tastes. The pieces are interspersed with plenty of theory to build up the pupil's ability to read music and become more confident in playing. There is a great deal of useful information in this book and a dictionary of musical terms at the back. Some pupils have the accompanying CD's which they find helpful, but I think the book is better used on its own.
        Anonym - (Bridport, United Kingdom)

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