Piano Safari For The Older Student: Sight Reading And Theory Level 2

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Piano Safari for the Older Student Level 2 builds on the foundation established in Level 1. Students continue to increase their musicianship skills through the study of Reading, Rote, and Challenge Pieces, Technique, Sight Reading, and Theory. 

Repertoire & Technique Level 2 contains newly composed pieces alongside favourite selections from Repertoire Books 2 & 3 from the series for children. Reading Pieces contain intervals: 2nds through octaves. Rote and Challenge Pieces build playing skill to higher levels through the introduction of new and more advanced concepts. Standard technical patterns in all major and minor keys are introduced. 

Sight Reading & Theory Level 2 corresponds with Repertoire & Technique Level 2 but may also stand alone as a sight reading supplement. Theory concepts in each unit are followed by melodies and rhythms that provide substantial practice with reading notation. Analysis suggestions are provided for each example to aid students in the development of analytical skills.

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Udgivet på: 01 februar 2019
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