Levys: 2" Hootenanny 60's Style Guitar Strap - Blue Flower

| Guitar

Forlag: Levys

The Levy’s 2” 60’s Hootenanny jacquard weave guitar strap with Floral – Blue & White pattern provides excellent support without any additional bulkiness. Using the tri-glide sliding adjustment system, the strap easily extends up to 63” in length to achieve the perfect playing height and comfortable wrist position. The hand-crafted, genuine leather ends with stitched, anti-stretch pin holes provide long-lasting security for your guitar. The smooth black polypropylene backing material of the strap is ideal for the musician who prefers a more fluid feel when playing. This strap was created using the highest quality jacquard woven ribbons, displaying the Floral – Blue & White pattern perfectly.

Udgivet på: 15 december 2018
Katalognummer: M8HT10

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