Joe Cutler: Jiggadybox (Score/Parts)

Bog | Klaver solo(Kvintet)

Forlag: Cadenza Music
Komponist: Joe Cutler
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur og stemmer

Joe Cutler's Jiggadybox for Piano Quintet.

The Jiggadybox is a strange musical contraption, designed by the eighteenth century Swiss inventor, gambler and philosopher Rudolf von Stengl. When finally wound, the jiggadybox begins its characteristic “jigga-ing” and at this point, all its pistons and mechanisms whirl and dance to the sound of a strange, jerky rhythm which is produced deep inside the box by an unknown and mysterious source.

A word of warning: Care and attention must be taken when winding the jiggadybox up because the winding device is very old and delicate. Secondly, being a prototype-model, the jiggadybox has a tendency to overheat in the midst of its jigga-ing…. - Joe Cutler

Comission made possible by Annie and Mark Bailey.

ISBN: 9790570471058
Udgivet på: 20 november 2018
Katalognummer: CAZCM2KJC01

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      Joe Cutler: Jiggadybox (Score/Parts)
      Klaver solo(Kvintet)
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