Jean Hasse: Next Dance (Score/Parts)

Bog | Klaver solo(Kvartet)

Forlag: Cadenza Music
Komponist: Jean Hasse
Format: Nodehæfter | Partitur og stemmer

Jean Hasse's Next Dance for Piano Quartet.

Next Dance (1999) is a series of three short dance-like pieces, each with melodies that are heard twice, with some variation in the accompaniment. The last ‘dance’ was written first, taken from a piano piece composed in October 1998, one of my Pocket Pieces. I called this ‘Tanec’ or ‘Czech Dance’ because I was influenced by some of Janacek’s sonorities. The first two ‘dances’ grew from this melody and accompaniment. - Jean Hasse

ISBN: 9790570471393
Udgivet på: 20 november 2018
Katalognummer: CAZCM2K

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    Jean Hasse: Next Dance (Score/Parts)
    Klaver solo(Kvartet)
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