Classical Mandolin For Non-Classical Players - A Practical Approach

Bog | Mandolin

Forlag: Hal Leonard
Author: Joseph Weidlich
Serie: Fretted
Format: Bøger | Instrumentskole

The focus of this book is on American mandolin music that was published circa 1900 during the “Golden Age of the Mandolin” in the United States (1885-1920), referred to by Mark Twain as The Gilded Age. After a brief overview of period mandolin techniques, a variety of popular social ballroom dances are then presented in both staff notation and mandolin tablature, including waltzes, polkas, schottisches, mazurkas, marches and even the occasional hornpipe. Along the way, you will discover a variety of idiomatic playing techniques that will open up new vistas in your own playing. So tune up your mandolin and get started!

ISBN: 9781574243703
Udgivet på: 06 december 2018
Sideantal: 96
Katalognummer: HL00285481